Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lessons Learned From a New Baby Girl

On September 4th at 11:37 my life changed again permanently. Renae Autumn Brooks was born to us. She is a precious child that truly brought a new level of love and joy. Here are a few of the things that I have learned in the past 36 hours.

I know the difference between Renae and Nicholas. I truly thought that a baby is a baby and that I would have a hard time distinguishing between Renae and my memories of Nicholas. Although that may be true if I were looking at another's children, I can truly see the difference in their look, their attitude, and their spirit. It is neat.

I still love Nicholas as much as I did before. Both Becca and I wondered if we would have to remove some of our love for Nicholas in order to accommodate Renae. This has not been the case. Renae is her own unique person whom we love and adore, and yet when Nicholas comes to visit, we see him as another bundle of joy. We are very happy with both of our children.

It's fun being a dad again. I thought I would find the process boring or even a little repetitive, but this isn't so. Renae is fun in her own way and has spawned a completely different sense of fatherly love and affection. I'm becoming something better as I now care for two nearly helpless beings.

I love my wife even more than before. Becca has gone through so much since we met about 30 months ago. It seems crazy and yet perfect that we already have two lovely children. My life is blessed constantly by her affection and attention to detail. She is a hard worker who is constantly going above and beyond what is required of her. This latest chapter in her book of selfless service has shown me even more of how far she is willing to go to do what is right for our family.

Love and life are great!


dan said...

Yes that was one of the interesting things after the birth of my 2nd child - how different they were! I too kind of figured hey they're both kids - should be pretty much the same, right?

And as they get older, another thing that surprised me - the same discipline / parenting tactics that worked with one don't work with the other!!! :-)

Mom/Grandma/Kathy said...

What amazes me is that Bob and I now have 10 kids and 8 (almost 9) grandkids and we love each and every one of them! The heart truly has room to expand!

Scott said...

You know, you should keep writing on this blog. So far, it is one of the few I've found that has come close to being as random and interesting as mine.