Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thoughts from General Conference

Since we just had General Conference last week, I thought I would share some of my favorite moments with you.  The personal inspiration that my wife and I received from this General Conference is that just as the bar was raised for missionary service in 2002, the bar is being raised for parents today.  Enjoy these quotes that I found inspiring.

“When it comes to living the gospel, we should not be like the boy who dipped his toe in the water and then claimed he went swimming. As sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, we are capable of so much more. For that, good intentions are not enough. We must do. Even more important, we must become what Heavenly Father wants us to be…

“The more we devote ourselves to the pursuit of holiness and happiness, the less likely we will be on a path to regrets. The more we rely on the Savior’s grace, the more we will feel that we are on the track our Father in Heaven has intended for us.”
– President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“It is not enough to avoid evil; we must ‘suffer his cross’ (Jacob 1:8) and ‘be anxiously engaged,’ (D&C 58:27) helping others to conversion. With compassion and love we embrace the prodigal (Luke 15:11-32), answer the cries of orphans in hysteria, the pleas of those in darkness and despair (Joseph Smith History 1:15-16), and the distress calls of family in need. ‘Satan need not get everyone to be like Cain or Judas … ,’ said Elder Neal A. Maxwell. ‘He needs only to get able men … to see themselves as sophisticated neutrals.’”
– Elder Robert C. Gay

“Every person is different and has a different contribution to make. No one is destined to fail. As you seek revelation to see gifts God sees in those you lead in the priesthood—particularly the young—you will be blessed to lift their sights to the service they can perform. With your guidance, those you lead will be able to see, want, and believe they can achieve their full potential for service in God’s kingdom.

“God knows our gifts. My challenge to you and to me is to pray to know the gifts we have been given, to know how to develop them, and to recognize the opportunities to serve others that God provides us. But most of all, I pray that you will be inspired to help others discover their special gifts from God to serve.”
– President Henry B. Eyring

“I never cease to be amazed by how the Lord can motivate and direct the length and breadth of His kingdom and yet have time to provide inspiration concerning one individual… The fact that He can, that He does, is a testimony to me… the Lord is in all of our lives. He loves us. He wants to bless us. He wants us to seek His help. As He guides us and directs us and as He hears and answers our prayers, we will find the happiness here and now that He desires for us.”
– President Thomas S. Monson