Monday, June 14, 2010

Will people stop hating the Islamic community?

Someone I know sent me an email today about how evil and horrible Muslims are. It was typical bashing and I wasn't a big fan. I get so frustrated by ignorant people. The main point of the email was to point out that there are 1.2 billion Muslims and only 14 million Jews, yet the Jews have received more Nobel Prizes than Muslims and are therefore better. Here are a few samples of some of the things that the email said, which by extension, he said:

"The [Muslims are]... promoting brain washing children in military training camps, teaching them how to blow themselves up and cause maximum deaths of Jews and other non Muslims.

"The [Muslims] hijack planes, or kill athletes at the Olympics, or blow themselves up in German restaurants."

This is the response I sent to his forwarded message:
If all 1.2 billion Muslims truly did teach all their children to hijack planes and blow themselves up, don't you think that the world would be destroyed by now. That is 4 times the US population. That means that if every Muslim really does want to kill everyone else, there wouldn't be a force big enough to stop it. Why don't you stop sending these emails that don't make any sense? I agree that the Jews deserve more respect than they are given, but so do the Muslims. Al-Qaeda is suspected of having 500-1000 people according to wikipedia. Even if there were 100 times as many, it would be less than 0.0001% of the Muslims in the world! Why do all of the Muslims get labeled as evil, when the ones who want to hurt others are at most less than a millionth of a percent of the worlds population?
Please think about what you send before you send it out to everyone.


HeadStand said...

Perhaps it helps to believe that it really isn't hate, but simply a lack of intelligence. And I'm talking native, quantifiable, genetically imprinted type - not the (more important?!) kind acquired by being open/curious to ALL that you encounter in life. As (possibly the greatest ever 'spokesperson' for this type of "acquired intelligence") Yogi Berra once opined “You can observe a lot just by watching!"

So the next time I hear some ditto-head start haranguing about "all those (fill in the blank)"...I'm going to try to be less judgmental myself and wonder what I'd be talking about if I hadn't been blessed with more cranial capacity than the "fool I am currently suffering"!

Some of the smartest people I know...have the least to say

Barch said...

You have a very good point HeadStand and I'm extremely grateful for the open mindedness I feel that I have. I know that I still have a lot to learn, which can probably be inferred by the fact that I am not one of those people who "have the least to say." Hopefully someday I can gain that wisdom.