Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scout Camp Innovations

So I just returned from Boy Scout Camp with my troop. We went to Camp Friedlander and had a great time. I really want to highlight one aspect in particular that I really enjoyed, and that was our hot tub.
Every time I have been to scout camp before with other troops we were simply satisfied with the amenities provided. This troop is not like that. One family in particular has created some incredible campsite inventions. One of them is the campsite hot tub. The basic concept is very simple, and was actually very effective.
The recipe for a good campsite hot tub is:
-- A portable pool (we used two, one hot and one cool)
-- Hoses
-- A water flow adjuster (we used a y-split between the two tubs to control flow)
-- An old air-conditioner condenser
-- Running water
Our campsite had running water not too far away, which might not be possible at all locations.
All we had to do to get hot running water was connect the hoses up to the condenser and then to the tub. We put the condenser over the fire and cut back the water flow to control temperature. The average temperature we were running was about 110F. You did have to monitor it to make sure the temperature wasn't getting too high. We didn't want to burn any scouts. It was a piece of cake. I loved it too.


Kathy said...

Okay - this is too much - a hot tub at scout camp... I don't know - sounds like the scouts are going a little soft....

Scott said...