Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mc Cash will be in town

Senator John McCain will be visiting Cincinnati next week.  If you want to join him for dinner at the home of Carl Lindner III tickets are readily available for $50,000.  If you would rather just attend the VIP reception without the meal, the tickets are drastically reduced to $10,000 (most likely because there is no meal involved).  For the average Joe who cannot afford $10,000 for the VIP reception, the general reception is only $2300.  This really connects him to the average person on the street, considering hardly anybody in Cincinnati will be able to afford a glance at him.  I'm sure a few Republicans may be alienated by this.


dan said...

What I hate about these shindigs is that they close off all the roads that go to my house. Or at least they did when the President would do these little fundraisers.

I suppose McCain doesn't get that sort of "privilege". And I guess I don't live over near Indian Hill anymore anyways.

So nevermind!

Rebecca and Brandon said...

A few years ago when I was working at the nursery on the west side of town, one of our major customers was getting his home ready to host a fundraiser for the Republican Party starring Dick Cheney. I think tickets to that event were fairly similarly priced. I would also like to point out that Brandon told me that he would write the same thing about Obama if/when Obama comes to Cincinnati to host a similar fundraiser. I know that the intention of this post isn't to ruffle feathers about specific candidates, but just political campaigning overall. And I agree that it is hard to feel in touch with any candidate who is so exclusive.

Sarah said...

Feed the rich baloney. Stick it to the man!

High prices are the nature of the campaign fundraising beast. If they didn't do it, candidates couldn't run for president in this day and age.

What irks me more are concert tickets. You get a guy like
Bruce Springsteen who charges $52 to $92 for a single concert seat, then has the nerve to sing about the working man, hard times, and the poor economy. Such is life.

Jason said...

Obama in Los Angeles as reported by the LA Times on June 25th, 2008:

Although Obama's staff declined to give exact numbers, organizers estimated that the event raised more than $5 million, which will be divided between the Democratic National Committee and his presidential campaign. (The money included about 200 seats at a VIP dinner that cost $28,500 per couple. An additional 700 people paid as much as $2,300 each to attend the reception.)

Personally, this does not bother me nor does the amount people pay to dine with McCain. I celebrate the fact the we have the freedom to decide how to make our money and how to spend it.

Barch said...

I don't really care who does it. I just think that it is bad form for either Obama or McCain to visit a city without making a rally to the general public. I don't really care about these high price tag events, but if that is the only event they are willing to make on a trip, it doesn't really endear me to their dogma.